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I was born in Lake Forest, Illinois, but was raised in Bristol, Wisconsin. I grew up having to make extremely tough decisions, such as deciding to root for the Bears or Packers… just kidding. But cheering on the Cubs… not so much (also, now you know I’m not a bandwagon fan).

In all reality, growing up on the state line and playing sports in Illinois while going to school in rural Wisconsin taught me a lot at an early age about the different walks of life.

I was always an extremely outgoing, emotional, and friendly (or so I’d like to think) kid — these characteristics really were the basis of learning to connect with people from different backgrounds, and encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone to create shared experiences and extend new bridges to curate new friendships.

I was also a strong student, took several AP classes, but also managed to procure two underage drinking tickets at the age of 15; trust me, it’s not fun having an even earlier curfew your senior year than your freshman, but that’s what happens when you break trust.



Paid Traffic


My team specializes in paid traffic and online customer acquisition strategies. We focus on creating Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, and Loyalty through our online approaches.



I’m a connector, supporter, and deal-maker by nature. My primary focus is to add as much value to those in my network through value-added introductions. This means introducing individuals that can co-create in the marketplace to generate greater, more aligned outcomes.

High-Level Strategy


From EMR implementation, to fixing Apple hardware, running eight figures plus in media buying, and brokering e-liquid and CBD purchases with one of the largest distributors in Europe I’ve been able to dip my hands in a lot of different industries. I bring these experiences and an innate ability to monetize just about anything. I’ll help you get paid or make more with what you do.